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At APT, we are your partners in the pursuit of conquering failing infrastructure, one pipe at a time.

The team at Advanced Plumbing Technology loves helping homeowners and communities, large and small, advance their goals of overcoming challenges related to pipeline infrastructure that every community faces. By using advanced technologies and most importantly, a team of individuals that are committed to excellence every day in the pursuit of serving each of our customers, we are certain that we can offer each client maximum return on investment for your local community.

APT is the small-diameter pipe rehabilitation experts. We specialize in 2" - 8" pipe sizes. Our advanced technologies, extreme attention to detail, and expertise allow us to focus exclusively on the most brutal pipes in any sewer system. These small-sized pipes pose several challenges to home and business owners and the contractors attempting to rehabilitate these small-diameter pipes.

Rehabilitation of 2" - 8" pipes requires an advanced skillset and expertise that not every contractor can offer. APT is dedicated to servicing this segment to ensure every home and business owner has a complete, correct, and thorough rehabilitation of the most intricate pipes within any plumbing system.

APT is different from your typical contractor. We hold several state licenses, including General Contractor, Building Contractor, Underground Utilities Contractor, and Plumbing Contractor, which means we have an unmatched expertise level in our field. APT has over 100 dedicated employees with combined pipe rehabilitation experience exceeding 500+ years, so you can be assured that our team can conquer any project regardless of size or complexity.

It's easy for any company to say they are the best or most qualified. Still, APT's experience is backed by real client references and well over 10,000 plumbing inspections completed throughout Florida.

We instill value and innovation, above and below ground, in our pursuit to fix your home and your community's pipeline infrastructure.

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