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Commercial Pipe Lining

Commercial Pipe Lining

A method of repairing and rehabilitating existing pipes without excavation and replacement is commercial pipe lining utilizing cured-in-place piping (CIPP). This method entails inserting a flexible, resin-impregnated material liner into the original pipeline. This process forms a new seamless pipe inside the old one by inflating the liner and curing it with heat or UV radiation.

Corrosion, fractures, leaks, and other sorts of damage are just a few of the problems that CIPP is an effective and economical way to solve. Additionally, this process is capable of helping to increase the capacity and structural strength of existing pipelines.

An evaluation of the existing pipeline is usually the first step in the commercial pipe-lining process utilizing CIPP. By doing this, we can ascertain the pipe's condition and pinpoint any spots that require repair or rehabilitation. Then, we use the following process:

  1. We make a liner to meet the pipeline's measurements
  2. We locate an access point, such as a manhole or cleanout
  3. We place the liner into the pipe through the access
  4. We inflate the liner to take the shape of the pre-existing pipe
  5. We heat the liner or expose it to UV radiation to cure the resin in the liner
  6. The final result is a robust, long-lasting new line formed inside the old one

The fact that CIPP provides little interruption to the neighborhood is one of its key advantages. There is no need for excavation because we completely repair the pipeline from its interior. This process reduces the environmental effect while also saving time and money.

Additionally, CIPP may be used to repair pipes constructed of different materials, including concrete, asbestos cement, and PVC. CIPP also works on pipes of various lengths and diameters. Additionally, it increases a pipeline's lifespan, reducing the need for future leaks and saving money on the expense of a total replacement.

Overall, commercial pipe lining using CIPP is a flexible, effective, and economical way to restore and maintain current pipelines. It can help a pipe, tube, or line last longer, lower the possibility of leaks, and have less of an influence on the neighborhood.

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Across the USA there are thousands of commercial buildings throughout Florida that are in distress and possibly leaking sewage. Some are teetering on the edge of complete disaster for the business and property owner. They are ripe for serious problems.

Prior to 1975, a majority of buildings were constructed using cast iron pipes as sewage and water pipes. Best-case-scenario, these pipes will last between 50 & 75 years. However, in harsher environments, like we experience in Florida, pipes can corrode as early 25 to 40 years.

Our Team at APT are the cast iron pipe replacement specialists. We use advanced equipment to show each homeowner the current state of the pipes running under their commercial buildings. We assess the damage in a quick non-destructive manner. After that, we provide affordable solutions to replace or repair cast iron pipe systems, that will last a lifetime.

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