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Industrial Pipe CCTV

Meeting the demands for increased inspections of sewer and plumbing systems in the industrial setting with decades old technology is becoming more difficult as time goes on. The quest to get better data, and literally a better picture, of failing sewer lines requires adapting with cutting-edge, new technologies. Inspectors that use these new technologies can make better and quicker decisions about the lines that need more attention and actually reduces the resources and costs needed to perform a complete sewer system assessment.

Closed-circuit television or CCTV is absolutely the most effective way to locate damaged sewer pipes. It dramatically shortens the length of time needed to determine the health and condition of an existing sewer line. A small, remote controlled robot armed with cameras called a CCTV crawler is used to gather an actual video of the condition of a pipe for its entire length. This allows the operating technician to view precisely what’s going on inside of the sewer system.

A CCTV crawler is the most commonly used inspection tool in the industry. There is no other data collection device known to date used in sewer inspections that offers a better detailed analysis and more cost-saving benefit. This helps keep upgrade and repair projects well within budgetary restrictions.

Industrial Cast Iron Plumbing

Industrial plumbing systems can benefit greatly from CCTV inspections. CCTV helps to identify specific damage in exact areas. They can then pinpoint the cause of damage to a specific area for the greatest accuracy possible. Damages that are quickly found include cracks, tree root intrusion, debris, or damage from poor installation practices.

A CCTV crawler inspection is the starting point for all assessment programs. If all industrial inspections incorporated these tools into their sewer pipe inspection, they could save a large amount of resources and provide the most current data about the state of their sewer system.

What is a CCTV Sewer Inspection?

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CCTV, or closed-circuit television, sewer inspections use a camera to see a direct picture of condition inside drains, sewer lines, or other pipelines. It's the most reliable way to determine defects in the sewer system and it's used to create a plan for repair.

This inspection system works by using cameras to capture high-quality videos and generate pictures of the condition inside of a sewer system. A robotic camera is placed into an opening in a pipe and driven along the system by an operator using remote control. If a damaged area is found, a camera can zoom in on the damaged area to capture precise detail of the area in question and then determine where it's located within the pipe system.

Reasons for a CCTV Inspection

While there are a variety of reasons for performing an inspection, three largest reasons are to be able to pass an EPA sewer pipe inspection, for locating existing issues, and potential problems.

Passing Inspection

As with everything, industrial sewer systems age. This increases the chance of failures that include general decay, blockages, and complete system collapse. Because of this, industrial complex owners are taking proactive measures to improve the performance and longevity of their sewer systems. A properly functioning sewer system in maintained by the regular cleaning and inspecting of the sewer lines. The most popular way to inspect drain lines is by camera inspection.

The reasons for an industrial CCTV inspection could be for clearing debris, locating cracks and defects, and for making sure the sewer will pass an EPA inspection. Many issues found with a CCTV camera that will need to be corrected in order to pass and EPA industrial inspection. They consist of various fractures, obstructions, sediment, tree roots, defects, just to mention a few.

Industrial CCTV inspections can be used to create a baseline to compare future inspections. For pipes over 6" in diameter, robotic crawlers are used and can travel up to 1000 feet from the point of entry. For smaller jobs, a type of smaller camera called a push camera is used in pipe that is 2" to 6" in diameter. A push camera can only travel 150 feet to 175 feet from the access point.

Using CCTV to Locate Problems

One of the first steps needed to repair a broken or damaged sewer line is determining where the damage, if any exists, is located and the severity of damage. If the inspection determines that a pipe or pipes in the sewer system has been compromised, a repair plan(s) can be created and followed to ensure the longevity of the industrial sewer system in its entirety.

Why Hire a NASSCO-Certified CCTV Company

Sewer CCTV System

National Association of Sewer Service Companies is and organization that is committed to setting the standards for the assessment, maintenance, and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. They also serve to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies.

Trenchless technologies such as pipe bursting or CIPP is important to the environment and failing infrastructures. If you hire a National Association of Sewer Service Company, you know the CCTV operator that works for the company you hire will do the job per the national standards.

There are a number of benefits for using a certified closed-circuit television company to avoid expensive repairs on industrial sewer systems. Here are a few of the reasons you may want to hire Advanced Plumbing Technology, a NASSCO-certified company:

1. Spot Breaks in the Line

A NASSCO-certified closed-circuit television pipeline company, like Advanced Plumbing Technology will have highly-trained CCTV operators who use video to see exactly what problems that may be present and can quickly identify where they are located in the industrial sewer lines.

2. Prevent Blockages

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Never has an adage made more sense. Regular maintenance can help prevent blockages that can cause costly and devastating on an industrial sewer system. The most cost-effective maintenance you can perform in a sewer line is regular inspections. Regular inspections can help industrial plumbing experts determine the overall health on the inside of pipes before a tiny problem can grow.

3. You Can Save Money

Hiring a certified NASSCO company will help owners save money. You won't need to find and hire multiple companies to investigate potential problems you may have with your sewer lines.

4. They Are Fast and Accurate

Using cameras greatly increases the speed of inspections. CCTV inspections allow an industrial plumber to quickly determine the problem and create a repair plan. The ability to be precise is the secret behind its speed. By pinpointing exactly what’s going on and precisely the problem is, all guesswork that might have been needed is simply eliminated.

5. CCTV Pipeline Inspection is the Trend

Because technology develops so rapidly the availability of professional-grade video inspection equipment has grown. Everything happens quicker now, all while preserving the infrastructure that’s currently in place. The fact that the technology is non-invasive is yet another benefit.

CCTV Moving Forwards

For most Industrial settings today, inspecting a sewer system with CCTV has become the standard. The fact that inspectors can gather real time data and collect video footage in record time is changing the way industrial plumbing professionals are viewing inspections in general.

CCTV inspections compliment other industries and businesses as well. Property development companies and developers themselves can use CCTV along with GPRS, or Ground Penetrating Radar System, to help conduct due diligence about potential real estate investments and the state of current sewer systems that are present. Oil companies and drillers also use CCTV crawlers to investigate their major pipelines as well.

Inspecting the condition of septic systems or locating utility line branches can also be performed. In general, video proves to be the most accurate presentation of the state of a wide variety sewer systems.

Currently, CCTV inspection camera systems enable industrial plumbers to accurately and quickly assess sewer systems. The cost-effective nature of industrial CCTV pipeline inspection is precisely why it’s the preferred method of inspection.

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