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Pipelining vs. Replacement Options

When your pipes start to deteriorate or become clogged in an industrial setting, you have several options for the repair or replacement of your pipes. This can be very disruptive and costly for your business. Traditionally, a trench will be excavated parallel to the damaged pipe for access.

Due to the amount of labor involved in excavation, the expense for traditional pipe replacement can quickly become very costly.

Another viable option in industrial settings that has been growing in popularity for over a decade is pipelining. Pipelining is also known as cured in place pipe, or CIPP. CIPP is a type of trenchless pipe repair, a process that involves minimal, if any, excavation. CIPP is also far less expensive than traditional pipe replacement methods and can be much more beneficial for a variety of reasons.

What is CIPP?

While CIPP is extremely technical in nature, it’s not terribly difficult to understand. CIPP initially involves a sewer camera inspection. A drain camera operator will open a drain line to inspect the damage using a robotic mobile camera. If any blockages are discovered such as tree roots, dirt, or broken pipe, those items are cleaned out and removed so there won’t be any interference with the CIPP. After the cleanout process is completed, a tube or felt liner, consisting of polyester or another material that readily absorbs resin has coats of resin applied and rolled onto the liner ensure it adheres.

Once the resin adheres to the tube or sleeve, it’s then inserted into a damaged sewer line by pulling it through. Once inside, it is “blown up” using an inversion process that involves air pressure, in turn, the epoxy resin then bonds with the broken pipe, or also known as the host pipe. The pipe lining is cured or hardened into place, allowing water to flow smoothly to the main sewer line.

One of the best reasons to use pipelining in industrial settings is the fact that there little to no excavation required because the liner is inserted from a currently existing access point. The fact that there no excavation, or trench needed, is where trenchless sewer repair or replacement originated. There is absolutely no need to dig up your grounds, parking lot, foundation, or sidewalks.

On average, the expense is generally half of what a traditional pipe replacement would cost, and disruption is so minimal it keeps is your business and production at the highest capacity possible. That’s why it’s the option most industries lean toward.

Top Reasons to Choose CIPP Trenchless Pipe Lining

1. Lower Installation Costs

Opting for the traditional trench replacement might sound like the affordable choice for pipe replacement, but the costs vary according to certain factors. Those same factors are what make pipe lining the most affordable option. CIPP is a much faster process, which greatly reduces the cost of labor and equipment. This is due to the fact that there is no excavation.

2. Works for Many Types of Pipe Damage

CIPP pipelining has very big advantages such that it works with any size of pipe. Pipe size should not be of any worry. In almost any situation, a CIPP repair will work. Pipe damage due to corrosion, age, root intrusion or rust can be fixed with the liner. Metal pipes with corrosion can be lined as well as cracked plastic pipes. You can have a brand-new pipe by just placing the liner in place and the damage disappears. If a pipe has completely collapsed and the liner does not have anything to bond to is the only time trenchless technology cannot be used.

3. Long-lasting Solutions

There is a good chance you already have some type of damage to your sewer system, if your business is located in an older building. The older the building, the more likely you are to need some type of sewer repair since every type of plumbing material has an "end date". To be able to essentially get an entire system of new pipes, have industrial plumbers, like the experts at Advanced Plumbing Technology, install your cured in place system pipe liner. Have the peace of mind knowing that your pipelining repair will last 50 years or longer by installing CIPP.

4. A Safer Process for You and the Workers

It is hard to know what you'll find underground when you are digging. Not knowing how long the sewer issue has been going on makes it that much more difficult.

Exposure to mold, asbestos, and other elements is a high risk. Gas lines or electrical lines are other concerns to be aware of when digging. The safest route and removing risk from you, your employees, your customers, and the technicians is to repairing your water line by using pipelining.

5. Solutions for Large Problems

Complex plumbing systems are often found in large businesses. The last thing you as the business owner wants is to tear up floors, walls, and foundations when water damage occurs to your property. Damage to the building can also occur. Do not think of trenchless pipe repair for residential property only. Commercial properties have found it to be a great solution as well. There is little interference with customers, saves you time and money, and there is no damage to your building. Property owner consider this an important advantage.

6. Different Solutions for Different Situations

Different processes call for different situations. CIPP lining offers options for several situations. Where other repairs are hard to manage CIPP works for smaller pipes and in larger pipes. Manhole-to-manhole lining and sectional point repair are some of the CIPP options available. Determining which method of CIPP pipe repair is the right solution for your situation is as easy as asking your local pipe lining technicians.

7. It’s Available from Experts Near You

Reading about a new technology that hasn’t made it to your area can be frustrating. Over the past decade, trenchless pipelining has become very popular. Accordingly, having access to the most experienced experts in CIPP near you as a result. Contact Advanced Plumbing Technology if you notice signs of a damaged water pipe system to assist with your pipe replacement needs.

Having the option to choose trenchless pipe lining for fixing a broken sewer system is a benefit for owners of commercial property. Trenchless pipelining is the fastest, cleanest, and affordable solution for pipe repair, while traditional methods work and are still available.

Entire system pipe replacement involves digging, which could involve cutting into your floor if you have plumbing under your foundation or could take place entirely outside your business.

Another option is rerouting your plumbing through walls, attics, and basements. It can be costly and take up a lot of time, but it is still more affordable than replacement of your pipes.

The most affordable option, proven over the last 10 to 20 years is pipe lining. Other options take up much more than pipelining. There are more advantages to CIPP than traditional methods.

Call your local Advanced Plumbing Technology representative if it is time to replace your plumbing system and be sure to use the CIPP industry leader. Trenchless sewer pipe repair leaves business owners more than satisfied.

This solution completely ensures that your plumbing issues are handled by total replacement.

This solutions provides an alternative to disrupting your home life through remodeling.

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