Need to Fix Lateral Sewer Lines?

Lateral MRP

In reference to the crucial Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) sewer issues affecting municipalities across the state of Florida, we are excited to offer the APT Lateral Monolithic Repair Program or Lateral MRP. This patented program is our cost-effective solution to address and fix this worsening problem.

The system uses a state-of-the-art Cured in Place Pipe that completely lines and coats the pipes in a continuous, comprehensive way. Florida Senate Bill 1058 proposes using the Lateral MRP system, which will be highly beneficial for all Florida municipalities.

The Lateral MRP system will tie together the sewer main, lateral, and home/structure via a seamless lateral pipe system with no connection points or joints, therefore designed to prevent I & I from ever happening again.

Lateral MRP provides the following:

  • Resolves environmental concerns, such as overall soil contamination, ground and seawater contamination, and helps eliminate red tide and algae bloom in our waterways
  • Lessens the need to update and expand treatment facilities — thus saving substantial money in the long run
  • Saves money and hassle of dealing with fines due to dumping untreated sewage
  • Provides a truly systemic fix to this most crucial and costly problem. And all while using ONE specialized contractor!
  • The Lateral MRP ensures proper water conveyance, thus protecting your community.
Lateral Line I&I

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