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Robotic Municipal Sewer Inspection

Municipal CCTV Sewer Inspection

Trying to meet the increasing demands for inspections of municipal infrastructure with the same old technology is basically fighting a losing battle. The challenges of sewer inspection require adapting to new technologies in order to gain better data. Adapting and changing can allow inspectors to decide which lines need the most attention and to shorten the time it takes to perform a complete sewer system assessment.

Closed circuit television is one of the most effective ways to locate sewer pipe damage and cracks and to determine the likelihood of failure of an existing sewer line. A CCTV crawler gathers the most detailed information from a pipe, allowing a technician to zoom in on pipe issues.

They are the most commonly used inspection tool in the industry, and the most detailed method for data collection when inspecting the internal condition of a sewer.

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Camera inspection can help homeowners and municipalities identify damage, and a professional can suggest the most affordable way to fix it. Since the camera can find a specific issue in the underground sewer pipe. Damage caused by tree root intrusion, debris, or poor installation is easily detected by this method.

CCTV crawler inspection is an important tool in any assessment program. Tools like zoom video cameras are perfect tools for screening most sewer lines. If municipalities incorporate these tools into their sewer pipe inspection, they can save significant time and money and maintain more updated information about sewer system conditions.

What is a CCTV Sewer Inspection?

CCTV, or closed circuit television, involves using a camera to see inside drains, sewer lines, or other pipelines for a detailed pipe inspection. It's one of the most reliable methods to determine defects in the sewer system and it's used to figure how to fix them.

It uses cameras operated by remote control to capture high-quality videos and pictures of internal pipe conditions. A camera is lowered into the pipe's opening and guided along the system by remote control. Cameras can zoom in on potential problems to capture detail of the damaged area and where it's located within the pipe system.

Reasons for a CCTV Inspection

There could be a number of reasons for performing a sewer camera inspection, but three big reasons are to pass an EPA sewer pipe inspection and for locating existing issues and potential problems.

Passing Inspection

Sewer Inspection Camera

As a sewer system ages, the risk of blockages, decay, and complete collapse becomes a major concern. As a result, municipalities are taking proactive measures to improve the performance of their sewer systems. Cleaning and inspecting sewer lines are essential in order to maintain a properly functioning system. The most popular way to inspect drain lines is by camera inspection.

The reasons for a CCTV inspection could be for clearing debris, locating cracks and defects, and for making sure the sewer will pass an EPA inspection. Many issues found with a CCTV camera that will need to be corrected in order to pass inspection are fractures, obstructions, sediment, tree roots, defects, just to mention a few.

CCTV camera inspections are the most frequently used and the most cost efficient in the long term. It is also the most effective method to inspect the internal condition of a sewer. CCTV inspections are recommended for sewer lines with diameters of 2 - 96 inches.

To see details of the walls of the pipe, the camera and lights tilt and swivel both vertically and horizontally.

CCTV inspections produce a video recording to be compared to future inspections. For pipes over 6" in diameter, robotic crawlers are used and can travel up to 1000 feet from the point of entry. For smaller jobs, a push camera is used in pipe that is 2" to 6" in diameter. A push camera can only travel 150 feet to 175 feet from the access point.

Municipalities that use zoom survey technology as a part of their sewer inspection strategy have realized the speed and cost benefits over CCTV inspection. Also, zoom cameras are safer and less disruptive because they reduce the work crew’s exposure to traffic.

This solution ensures that your current sewer system is free-flowing and free of leaks.

This solution provides regular service and maintenance to your municipal sewer systems.

Using CCTV to Locate Problems

One of the first steps in identifying and repairing a broken underground sewer pipe is determining how severe the damage is, and where sewer line repairs are needed most. If sewer pipes have been compromised by tree root intrusion, poor installation or debris, contacting a trained plumber to inspect your pipes is the first step.

For viewing underground damage to a sewer line, experts will typically use camera equipment Inserted through an existing sewer pipe entry point. The video footage will give the expert technician a clear idea of the extent of pipe damage.

Passing Home Inspection

Some Public Works departments require homeowners who are selling their homes to conduct a video inspection of their drain line. Every municipality has different codes, but almost all homes need a sanitary sewer lateral inspection and dye test.

The reason for this is the idea that rainwater runoff can overload a sewer system, so no outdoor drains should be leaking into the sewer. The extra rainwater can cause a sewer to back up. A homeowner must certify that their sewers are working as intended. A home inspector will be checking to see if a home's storm drain will overwhelm the system.

Why Hire a NASSCO-Certified CCTV Company

Sewer CCTV System

National Association of Sewer Service Companies is committed to setting the standards for the assessment, maintenance, and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. They also serve to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies.

Trenchless technologies or CIPP is important to the environment and failing infrastructures. If you hire a National Association of Sewer Service Company, you know the CCTV operator you hire will do the job per the national standards.

There are a number of benefits for using a certified closed circuit television company to avoid expensive repairs. Here are a few of the reasons you may want to hire Advanced Plumbing Technology:

1. Spot Breaks in the Line

A NASSCO-certified closed circuit television pipeline company will have a highly-trained CCTV operator who can use video to see exactly where there are any breaks in the sewer lines so you can act quickly to identify the problem.

2. Prevent Blockages

The best way to avoid costly blockage removals is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Regular drain inspections can help you see what’s going on inside pipes before a small problem can become a big one.

3. You Can Save Money

Hiring a certified NASSCO company will help you save money. You won't need to hire other companies to find the potential problems with your sewer lines.

4. They Are Fast and Accurate

Accessing the pipes to see what’s going on is the fastest way to resolve any issue with your sewer pipe. This allows you to get to the root of the problem. The reason this type of sewer line inspection is so fast is that it’s very precise. By being able to see visually what’s going on and where the problem is, all the guesswork is taken out of the pipe inspection process.

5. CCTV Pipeline Inspection is the Trend

With the arrival of professional-grade video inspection equipment, examining drain lines, sewer lines, as well as pipelines is now quicker, more accurate, and very affordable while preserving the infrastructure. The approach is totally non-evasive and offers a lot of benefits.

In fact, in many industries today, camera inspection of a drain system has become the industry’s choice for conducting pipeline inspection, gathering real time data, and collecting video footage.

This technology helps other industries and businesses. For example, property developers can also make use of this technology along with GPRS to determine the status of the pipelines and where they are located as well as the drains before making an investment in a property. Oil companies and drillers mount these cameras on robotic crawlers to investigate their underground pipes.

Other uses include checking out a septic tank or locating a utility line. The video footage provided has a reputation for providing accurate information. This visual inspection equipment is available in different configurations and has a wide range of capabilities that can match the demands of different industries.

Today, sewer pipe cameras enable plumbers to find out exactly where the problem is and where the sewer line goes. The cost-effective nature of CCTV pipeline inspection is the reason that it is highly preferred. The benefits and cost savings are why this cutting-edge technology is here to stay.

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