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Municipal Storm Drain Solutions

Municipalities and cities have a lot of people depending on their storm drain systems. Here in Florida everyone is keenly aware, especially during hurricane season, how important these system are to have up and running effectively and efficiently.

These storm drain systems are vital to draining a city or municipality of the excess water that builds up during heavy rain events like tropical storms, hurricanes and even severe thunder storms. A backed-up drain pipe can wreak havoc on traffic systems, business engagement, and even pedestrians.

When it comes to storm drains that are not working properly there are typically a few common reasons that continue to pop-up as the primary causes:

  1. Natural and man-made debris
  2. Broken storm pipes
  3. Sub-standard installation
  4. Extremely heavy rains

While issues like extremely heavy rains is a temporary issue it can be exacerbated by the other issues and can truly cause issues like flooding for those that are traveling in and around the area.

Repairing Storm Drain Systems

In order to best determine the best repair method, it is first important to learn what exactly is causing the issue within the system. Our high-qualified and skilled team, uses a robotic CCTV system to determine the root cause of your systems issue and to visually verify that there are no major structural issues that need to be addressed as part of the mitigation plan.

Assuming there are no major structural issues like collapsed pipes, it is common to use a cured in place pipe or CIPP to complete a repair. There are multiple methods that can be used in the process of curing the pipes. Most pipes are cured using one of 3 methods: water curing, air/steam curing, and Bluelight UV curing.

A CIPP repair is a very cost-effective and time-friendly method to get your storm drain system back into operation in no time. Our solutions offer cities and municipalities the ability to repair long stretches of piping without a long period of downtime that is typically needed for a remove and replace repair.

Is CIPP an Effective Storm Drain Repair Method

Cast Iron Plumbing

CIPP is also known trenchless pipe lining and is quickly becoming a “go-to” method for repairing pipe systems. As stated previously, this process starts with a technician inspecting the current sewer system in person and then with a camera. The camera is fed through the drain pipes to check for damages as well as checking for blockages. Once our technician has identified the issue, he or she can recommend CIPP as part of the mitigation strategy to the city or municipality.

Our trenchless rehabilitation method always starts with a camera inspection. A camera is inserted into the drain line to inspect the damage. We want to verify that nothing is blocking the drain lines like: tree roots, dirt, or bits of broken pipe.

If so, those items are cleared away, so they don't interfere with relining the pipe. Next, the felt liner or tube, which is made of polyester, fiberglass cloth, or other materials suitable for resin absorption, is given a thorough coating of epoxy resin.

Once the CIPP cures, the pipe is ready for service. Water flows through it effortlessly. Little or no excavation is needed since the liner is inserted through an already existing point of access. By performing a trenchless pipe repair, we are able to leave driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and office buildings undisrupted.

When you weigh the costs of digging trenches, destroying landscape, partial city shut downs, traffic disruptions, repaving streets, and business interference, it is easy to see why trenchless technology is the better option for repairing a storm drain pipe line. The entire process, which saves time and money, removes the guess-work involved in municipal storm drain repair. Through pipe lining, cities can repair pipes while remaining functional.

Advantages of CIPP Storm Drain Repairs

Looking at the advantages of trenchless sewer repair, there are many:

Lower Installation Costs

Traditional pipe replacement has always been the standard choice for pipe replacement because it's “what we’ve always done”. However, as time progresses and new processes are developed the old process or method may not translate to savings. CIPP is a much faster process, which greatly reduces the cost of labor. This is due to the fact that there is no excavation.

This solution provides regular service and maintenance to your municipal sewer systems.

This solutions provides your maintenance team the ability to check your system real-time.

Works For Multiple Types of Pipe Damage

One major advantage of CIPP is that it works with almost any size of pipe. This liner is able to work if the pipe damage is caused by corrosion, rust, age, or even root intrusion. It is able to line metal pipes with corrosion damage the same way it is able to line plastic pipes with cracks and holes. Once the liner is in place, it's almost as if you have a brand new pipe in its place. There is one caveat here, our trenchless technology is unable to do the work, if the pipes in question have been crushed or are collapsed entirely.

Long-lasting Solutions

Plumbing materials just like all other materials have a life expectancy or "expiration date" of some sort. For municipalities and cities this is especially true. If you have an older city plumbing system, your municipality or city is more likely to need some type of storm drain repair. However, city planners that have opted for a CIPP system installed by expert plumbers, it's almost like getting an entirely new set of pipes. Simply put, CIPP provides peace of mind, knowing that the pipe lining repair will last 50 years or longer.

Solutions for Large Systems and Large Problems

Planners for both cities and municipalities understand the complex plumbing and larger pipe systems being utilized by their organization. Major problems with storm drain lines can cause damage to streets and local businesses. Trenchless pipe repair isn't just for residential or commercial property. It is also the perfect solution for municipalities.

Different Processes for Different Solutions

Different situations and problems require different repair solutions. CIPP pipe repair has several options. The liners that are inverted through a city's existing manholes can line 6" to 96" pipes. The liners are installed safely, fast, and efficiently. However, cure times vary.

It’s Available From Experts Near You

There’s nothing worse than reading about a new technology that hasn’t made it to your area. With Advanced Plumbing Technology this is no problem. Trenchless pipe lining is our specialty, so the good news is you have access to the most experienced experts in CIPP near you.

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