Lateral MRP | APT

Lateral MRP

final treated pipeIn reference to the crucial Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) sewer issues affecting municipalities across the state of Florida, we are excited to offer the APT Lateral Monolithic Repair Program or Lateral MRP. This patented program is our cost-effective solution to address and fix this worsening problem.

The system uses a state-of-the-art Cured in Place Pipe that completely lines and coats the pipes in a continuous, comprehensive way. Using the Lateral MRP system is highly beneficial for all Florida municipalities.

The Lateral MRP system will tie together the sewer main, lateral, and home/structure via a seamless lateral pipe system with no connection points or joints, therefore designed to prevent I & I from ever happening again.

Lateral MRP provides the following:

  • Resolves environmental concerns, such as overall soil contamination, ground and seawater contamination, and helps eliminate red tide and algae bloom in our waterways
  • Lessens the need to update and expand treatment facilities — thus saving substantial money in the long run
  • Saves money and hassle of dealing with fines due to dumping untreated sewage
  • Provides a truly systemic fix to this most crucial and costly problem. And all while using ONE specialized contractor!
  • The Lateral MRP ensures proper water conveyance, thus protecting your community.