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Manhole Rehabilitation

Throughout the Southeast there is a common problem among cities, counties, and government entities. Infrastructure is failing, and innovative repairs and procedures are the only effective solution.

With countless hours of research, and field experience, APT will not only identify the problem with your underground structure, but also your failures root cause. Then with industry leading personnel APT will effectively repair the damage and guarantee it!

APT manhole and underground structure rehabilitation can be one of these innovative repair methods that will save your entity time and money.

From sinking manholes with heavy infiltration to wet wells that will never stop weeping APT has the solution you need to get back up and running quickly.

While most in the industry know the dangers and hazards of H2S gas, APT has the knowledge and the expertise necessary to identify your specific solution. Whether your goal is to prevent or repair a collapse, reduce down time, or reduce inflow and infiltration, APT will structurally repair your aging infrastructure systems with a vast array of proven repair methods. Contact us for a no cost, no obligation quote and let us save you time and money today.