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Our Services

Pipe Cleaning

While pipeline cleaning is a relatively straightforward process, it still takes an expert team to do it right the first time. Here at APT, we have the best personnel in the industry and a high level of accountability to ensure we meet your needs on every cleaning project regardless of size.

Pipe Inspection

APT offers comprehensive pipeline inspection and condition assessment for pipes from 2” – 203” in diameter. Understanding your pipeline infrastructure condition is critical to determine life-cycle analysis and potential next steps for rehabilitation based on the overall condition. All of our CCTV Operator's are fully NASSCO Certified.

CIPP Rehabilitation

We use the highest grade CIPP products combined with the most advanced technology to ensure maximum life expectancy on each asset and maximum return on investment. APT offers full trench-less pipe rehabilitation at a fraction of the cost of traditional dig-and-replace methods. Whether you need services in small diameter laterals, sanitary sewer mainlines, or storm lines; we have your team fully covered.

Manhole Rehabilitation

We offer complete services from inspection to full rehabilitation on every manhole and access point structure for sanitary and storm sewers. Let the APT team help complete a thorough assessment of each structure and help complete a rehab program to help mitigate infiltration issues, exfiltration issues, corrosion, cracks, and potential disasters from un-repaired manholes such as sinkholes.

Lateral MRP

In reference to the crucial Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) sewer issues affecting municipalities across the state of Florida, we are excited to offer the APT Lateral Monolithic Repair Program or Lateral MRP. This patented program is our cost-effective solution to address and fix this worsening problem. The Lateral MRP system will tie together the sewer main, lateral, and home/structure via a seamless lateral pipe system with no connection points or joints, therefore designed to prevent I & I from ever happening again.

GPS Surveying

APT offers GPS collection for any infrastructure asset with sub-foot accuracy. By using advanced GPS collection devices, we can give your team highly accurate coordinate data in a variety of formats to supporting your GIS efforts to correct the location of existing assets or collection location on newly installed assets.

Inspection Data Management

We understand how critical keeping accurate historical records are for all of your pipeline inspection activities. Because of that, APT offers both a cloud platform for instant viewing of your inspection data along with optional data archiving for up to five year post-contract completion. All data complies with NASSCO V7 standards.

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