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Safety Is Job One

Our team at Advanced Plumbing Technology believes that safety is the most critical part of our job. Making sure that our team makes it back home to their families and friends drives us to put in the extra effort to ensure that each member does, just that.

In order to ensure that we meet our safety goals we have built a safety culture that permeates throughout the business and starts at the base level of all that we do. Each job requires specific training but even our office staff must participate in training, so we can be sure that everyone understands the importance of safety.

Confined Space Entry- OSHA CFR 1910.146

Manhole safety is a critical part of APT daily operations. Many of APT supervisors have successfully completed a 40-hour approved training course. Other APT crew members have completed a 30-hour OSHA safety training course. A three-man team is the minimum number of persons required for worker to safely enter and work within a manhole. All persons involved in a Permit Required Entry must be fully trained & certified (40 Hour OSHA Approved Training). Confined Space Entry is a common work practice for APT crews when installing cured-in-place pipe liners, chemical grouting and CCTV Pipe inspections. To maintain OSHA certification requirements, crew members must attend an 8-hour refresher course every year.

Safety Meetings

Every day, for each worksite, APT field crews have a safety meeting. The meeting is held to review and discuss the projected days' work and assign duties to each employee. On some projects, a second meeting is held midway through a work shift or when the workday extends into overtime. Confined Space Entry permits are typically completed during meetings. APT supervisors plan & conduct safety meetings and determine if additional meetings are required throughout the day. A second meeting is always held if additional or relief workers are added to the workforce.

At each meeting, all crew members are reminded that safety is paramount and crew members have the ability to stop work or shut down the job site when a safety issue is apparent. Crew members are also reminded about the safety of others, to be away of unwanted persons entering the worksite.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is an important part of how we do our job. Each employee is provided and required to use specific equipment that will help them perform their job safely. It also helps ensure the team is aware of the location and current work status for each employee. The following is a list of required PPE on each jobsite:

  1. Issued reflective safety vests
  2. High visibility work / tee shirts
  3. Leather work gloves and latex gloves
  4. Hard hat with reflective markings
  5. Safety glasses - eye protection
  6. Two-way radio for clear & precise communication between employees

Continuous Training


Additional employee training is provided whenever new equipment is purchased or when new types of resins or epoxies are used. Some training certificates require annual or bi-annual refresher courses to maintain current certifications.

DOT Training

APT owns and operates a fleet of heavy highway trucks regulated by state and federal DOT regulations. Drivers must inspect all vehicles for possible mechanical deficiencies before driving any vehicle as well as maintain personal drive logs. All drivers attend quarterly meetings to get updates on the latest regulation changes and review of driver logs.

Office/Staff Participation

The APT office staff participates in most employee safety training to maintain proper employee training records and track training course updates. The office staff's effort is focusing on state & federal DOT compliance, keeping all vehicles on the road.

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We perform a very detailed video inspection of your entire plumbing drain line to determine the root cause of your plumbing issues. Our professional team will provide you this inspection and our recommendations, free of charge.

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Our inspections vary in time based on the size and complexity of your home or businesses plumbing. On average though you can expect that we are in and out of your home or business within a few hours.

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