Trenchless Pipe Repair And Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Trenchless Pipe Repair vs Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Trenchless pipe repair and traditional pipe replacement are two distinct methods used to address issues with underground pipes, such as water supply lines, sewer pipes, or drainage systems. Trenchless pipe repair can save you a serious amount of money over traditional pipe replacement. There are a number of reasons why this is the case.

Trenchless pipe repair offers a less invasive, faster, and cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement. This makes it a preferred choice for many situations. It minimizes disruption to the environment and surrounding infrastructure. This alone makes it a valuable option for maintaining and rehabilitating underground pipes, for most property owners.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Warped or separated wood floors
  • Tinted (raised) floor tiles
  • Broken or loose floor tiles
  • Water-stained floor tiles (grout)
  • Water-stained or discolored carpet
  • Water Damage and Mold
  • Toilets not flushing properly and backing up
  • Always spending money on plumbers to snake/clear lines
  • Water-stained or discolored floor rug/mat
  • Constant water/sewer backups
  • Slow draining sinks/tubs/showers
  • Not able to use certain sinks/tubs/showers
  • Foul smells from sewer gases
  • Pest infestation (rodents and roaches)
  • Foul sewer gas odors in your home

Those are all tell-tale signs of a failed cast iron plumbing system

Unfortunately, this serious problem is a ticking time bomb that could likely lead to a catastrophic event. But there is good news! More than likely, your Insurance company will cover the costs. Many times, your homeowners insurance policy, will pay to replace these failed cast iron pipes with new PVC pipes. You can also get extra money to fix the damage caused by the leaky pipes and sewage backups etc… CALL or TEXT us today to schedule your FREE “No Obligation” Cast Iron Pipe Inspection.

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Many Americans need it but don't know it.

Across the USA there are over 75 million homes that are in distress due to leaking sewage. Some are teetering on the edge of complete disaster for the homeowner. The are ripe for serious problems.

Prior to 1975, a majority of homes were constructed using cast iron pipes as sewage and water pipes. Best-case-scenario, these pipes will last between 50 & 75 years. However, in harsher environments, like we experience in Florida, pipes can corrode as early 25 to 40 years.

Our Team at APT are the cast iron pipe replacement specialists. We use advanced equipment to show each homeowner the current state of the pipes running under their homes. We assess the damage in a quick non-destructive manner. After that, we provide affordable solutions to replace or repair cast iron pipe systems, that will last a lifetime.

How to Repair Cast Iron Pipes


  1. Initial Inspection
    Our company has completed thousands of inspections on homes just like yours. We will help you see the real issues.
  2. Assessment
    Upon completion of our video inspection we will assess the full damage and provide you complete analysis
  3. Consultation
    Once the analysis is complete we sit down with you and show you your options as well as our recommendations.
  4. Mitigation / Replacement
    A detailed plan for mitigation or replacement will be determined based on many factors, including damage severity
  5. System Test
    No plumbing system work is finalized until the system has been tested, to meet our quality standards.
  6. Site Cleanup
    No plumbing or other job site work is truly completed until the mess is cleaned up and life returns to normal.

Are You Ready For A Company That Treats You Like A Friend, Not Like A Dollar Sign?

At Advanced Plumbing Technology we take pride in knowing that each of the Florida residents we work with, becomes a friend and an extended member of our family. We love to provide a quality experience that gets people back on pace with their lives as quickly and conveniently as humanly possible. Call us first and see what it's like to be treated like a VIP and not like an ID!

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Do I Need to Replace My Cast Iron Pipes?

Cast iron pipes only last between 40 and 50 years, on average. The problem today, is this type of pipe is beginning to fail. This is creating a huge problem for homeowners. Approximately 76 million homes nationwide have cast iron pipe replacement or pipe repair is needed, either now or in the near future.

The need to replace cast iron pipe systems in older homes is becoming more common. In fact, if your house was built before 1975 there is a good chance you have cast iron pipes. In fact, this likely means cast iron pipe repair or replacing cast iron plumbing are the only two options, moving forward. The best option , of the two, is based on many factors.

Our Professional Plumbing Services

Our team doesn’t have just one professional plumber, we have many. However, our team is full of specialists who focus on repairing or replacing old iron drain pipes. While pipe cleaning is part of our process we do not handle simple issues like: drain cleaning, small clogs or small blockages. We are a plumbing company that provides long term solutions for issues like: pipe bursting, intrusion from tree roots, iron pipe replacement, sewer repair, and other major drain line and sewer system issues.
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