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Call us if you are a commercial property owner and want to learn what's wrong with your plumbing system. We have the proper tools to thoroughly examine your line and determine whether you have any significant pipe problems.

Our commercial pipe inspection aims to find any faults or flaws in the pipes, such as leaks, corrosion, or blockages. That way, they can be fixed or replaced before they create significant concerns. Some businesses that inspect commercial pipes also provide cleaning, maintenance, and commercial pipe repair services.

There is a good chance that cast iron pipes were placed in your building if constructed before 1975. If so, we can do a thorough plumbing system examination to determine the condition of your cast iron system right now.

We can examine every inch of your line with our video inspection equipment to assess how long your cast iron system will last. The lifespan of a cast iron pipe system is typically 50 years. This fact indicates that you are typically past the system's useful life.

You may use our video inspection to examine the actual state of those underground pipes without causing any damage to your property. Find out whether commercial pipe repair or commercial pipe lining are recommended for you.

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Many Businesses need it but don't know it.

Across the USA there are thousands of commercial buildings throughout Florida that are in distress and possibly leaking sewage. Some are teetering on the edge of complete disaster for the business and property owner. They are ripe for serious problems.

Prior to 1975, a majority of buildings were constructed using cast iron pipes as sewage and water pipes. Best-case-scenario, these pipes will last between 50 & 75 years. However, in harsher environments, like we experience in Florida, pipes can corrode as early 25 to 40 years.

Our Team at APT are the cast iron pipe replacement specialists. We use advanced equipment to show each homeowner the current state of the pipes running under their commercial buildings. We assess the damage in a quick non-destructive manner. After that, we provide affordable solutions to replace or repair cast iron pipe systems, that will last a lifetime.

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The team of expert plumbers in our plumbing division, includes multiple plumbing contractors, licensed plumber, master plumbers, journeymen and other expert technicians using the latest equipment. Our team has many years of experience and offers the highest quality of service in the industry.

We are the top choice for customer service and customer satisfaction. Each project is overseen and reviewed by a licensed plumbing contractor and each job is performed to the plumbing code in the state of Florida.

Free Video Inspection

If your home was built before 1975 we offer a free video inspection, so you can see the current state of your cast iron system.

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A free consultation can help you know the condition of your pipes

An unknown plumbing issue can wreak havoc on a building. Backed-up sewage can cause a great deal of damage.

Know the condition of your pipes. If your building was built before 1975 and has cast iron pipes, it is likely that they are at the end of life. Call now to SEE what your pipes look like.

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